Sandra – Dance Educator/Scholar

Professional Appointments for Sandra Parks 

Drexel University

Dance Program/Teaching Assistant Professor

Courses taught: Ballet and Contemporary Technique, Dance Composition, Dance Appreciation

Nassau Community College                                                                                    

Department of Theatre and Dance/Visiting Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University

Department of Theater/Head of Dance/Assistant Professor

Courses taught: Advanced Ballet/Contemporary Technique, Chinese Dance and Culture (new course), Dance Composition, Dance Theater, Introduction to Dance (traditional and online), Dance History, Study Abroad Programs (new programs)

Kennesaw State University                                                                                     

Department of Dance/Assistant Professor

Courses taught: Ballet IV, Classical Repertoire, Pointe/Pas de Duex, Modern II, III, and IV, Arts in Society (traditional and online), Chinese Dance and Culture (new course), Choreography, Dance History I and II, Dance Pedagogy, Senior Seminar and Project, Study Abroad (new program)

Regis College, Weston, MA                                                                                  

Theater and Dance Department/Adjunct Faculty

Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA                                                     

Theatre and Dance Department/Visiting Assistant Professor

Course taught: Dance Appreciation and Creating Dance

Colleges of the Fenway, Boston, MA                                                               

Performing Arts Department/Instructor

Boston University, MA

Department of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance/Instructor

Smith College, MA

Department of Dance/Graduate teaching fellow

Course taught: Ballet I and II, Contemporary II, Jazz I and II


Sandra Parks Curriculum Vitae