List of Choreography by Sandra Parks

(Click on each link for the full length piece)

Title Premiere Date Performed Company/Venue
Fo(u)r Women July 2018 Beijing Dance Festival
My Island, My Home February 2018 Drexel University
Different Ending April 2017 MoveWorks, New York City
Us May 2016 Louisiana State University

2016 Beijing Dance Festival

2017 Ballet Inc Series, New York City

Reflection May 2016 Louisiana State University

2017 TedX LSU

Music for Athletes February 2016 2016 International Prokofiev Symposium
Arranged Reality October 2015 Louisiana State University
Journey to Congo Square May 2015 Louisiana State University
My Hero, my tragedy November 2014 Louisiana State University
Another Adventure May 2014 Louisiana State University

2014 Crossing Boundaries, New York City

2016 RAW Artist Show, New Orleans

Moon…in my memory April 2014


2014 NYC Dance Arts Dance Festival

Louisiana State University

Rebuild November 2012


Kennesaw State University

Sparks Dance/ 2013 Taiwan Choreography Competition Finals

Await February 2012 Dance Canvas Festival, Atlanta, GA
書道 Shu Dao

(The way of self-cultivation through Chinese Calligraphy)

November 2011 Kennesaw State University
竹 (Zhu, translation: Bamboo) November 2011 Bosoma Dance Company/Boston, MA
Solitary September 2011 Kennesaw State University/Marietta, GA
La Grand Tango (revision) June 2011 Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts Dance Program  /Nashville, TN
Sleepless Nights November 2010 Kennesaw State University

American College Dance Festival

Decision May 2010 Belmont, MA
Little Broken Steps October 2009

May 2010

April 2011

Cambridge, MA

Belmont, MA

Modern Dance Festival, Atlanta, GA

51208 July 2008 Boston, MA
Opening Another Door February 2008 Cambridge, MA
Will Your Life Cross Mine April 2007 Smith College/Northampton, MA
Where to? February 2007 Smith College/Northampton, MA
Bamboo Dreams May 2006 Smith College/Northampton, MA
Pi May 2006 Smith College/Northampton, MA
Unfamiliar December 2005 Smith College/Northampton, MA

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